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Extra quality Olive Oil Award

Who will be Il Magnifico 2019?

Il Magnifico will be the oil of the year for all of 2019.  This will be the best sample provided from a homogeneous batch of at least 1.0 tonnes by a EQOO certified company who have obtained at least a one star rating.   


The winner of the olive oil of the year award, Il Magnifico 2019, will be chosen from the samples submitted from those producers who have achieved at least one EQOO star and that come from one homogeneous batch of oil of at least 1.5 tonnes. 

To determine the winning oil, the following bonus points will be added to the tasting panel’s median of the total scores:

  • excellent quality samples

  • samples of substantial quantity

  • samples that are a good representation of the producer’s overall production

  • samples from the producer’s in-house mills

  • samples from olive groves owned or managed directly by the producer