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How to achieve EQOO status

Il Magnifico gives access to the olive oil stars of excellence, EQOO, the very best extra quality producers in Europe.

In order to guarantee consistency in the Tasting Panel’s evaluations, we have introduced standards and minimum required quantities as well as mandatory compliance with EQOO protocol.

Only producers who comply with all EQOO terms and conditions will be accepted.

EQOO Protocol

  • Total annual production must not be less than 1.5 tonnes, calculated as the average of the past three years’ harvests 2016/2017/2018 (the sum of the last three harvests must not be less than 4.5 tonnes)

  • Total bottled annual production must be more than 40% (in any size bottle)

  • 30% of total annual production must come from olive groves owned or managed by the producer

  • The producer must submit at least 2 labels of their current production up to a maximum of six labels

  • The producer must submit samples that are representative of over 50% of  the volume of their overall production

  • Producers’ olive oils must be present in at least 5 retail stores or websites in Europe with at least one label per store

  • Producers must provide Il Magnifico with their products’ brand labels in digital format (either jpeg or pdf)

  • Producers must acknowledge and sign the EQOO Terms and Conditions and Code of Conduct

  • The entry fee is € 327,87 + IVA 22% for a total of  € 400,00 to be paid in full upon registration. Upon receipt of payment, an invoice will be issued and sent in accordance with Italian law

EQOO Terms, Conditions and Code of Conduct

  • A commitment to safeguarding the environment and biodiversity by restoring/protecting indigenous varieties

  • A commitment to promote and sustain local resources by encouraging the recovery of abandoned olive groves

  • A commitment to promote the Mediterranean food culture in which olive oil is a fundamental ingredient

  • Commit to diversifying production by creating different products for different market segments;

  • A commitment to honesty in stating country of origin of the olives;

  • Commit to support and sustain hillside olive growing practices