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Il Magnifico, the European Extra Quality Olive Oil Award, is ready to focus its attention on a new era of extra quality olive oil.

We are well aware of the fact that the terminology and segmentation in the market dedicated to our “liquid gold” doesn’t allow for the identification and definition of premium quality olive oil production because it groups together olive oils of different qualities under one common grade name, “Extra Virgin”.  Therefore, Premio Il Magnifico has decided to devote its efforts to innovate these roles and concepts by adopting a new rating system to identify premium quality Extra Virgin olive oil:  the EQOO Olive Oil stars are born.

It is Il Magnifico’s intention to identify those companies who operate consistently to achieve the finest quality olive oil while respecting the environment, traditions and the marketplace.  These companies shall be awarded a star rating as an EQOO producer: Extra Quality Olive Oil Producer. Their quality standards must be upheld year after year. Each edition will see new stars shine and others will unfortunately fade away.  This first edition marks the dawn of a new era in the universe of Extra Quality European olive oil.

Extra Quality Olive Oil stars and Market Segments

The green star stands for quality.  

EQOO green star producers will represent the very best Extra Quality Olive Oil producers in Europe.

EQOO will be awarded to those producers who have been certified by the tasting panel’s technical tastings and have achieved a total score of at least 80/100 and for their observance of EQOO protocol criteria for their production of extra excellent olive oil.   In order to guarantee consistency in the tasting panel’s evaluations, we have introduced minimum required quantities and mandatory compliance with EQOO protocol.

All producers who are eligible to register under EQOO protocol and who send the required samples may compete for the EQOO stars.

The number of green stars will indicate both the quantity and the quality of the olive oil produced.

We believe that producing good olive oil is difficult, but producing good olive oil in large quantities is even more difficult. Il Magnifico’s competition will therefore take into consideration both quantity and quality.  Olive oils with the same quality will be given a green star. Then in order to further identify the kind of oil production, 1, 2 or 3 stars will be rewarded based on the quantities of olive oil produced.

Required Quantities to obtain EQOO Stars

Same grade – different production capacity