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Il Magnifico 2015

International Extra Virgin Olive Oil Award

A 2014 hard to forget

 2014 will be for the Italian producers an undoubtedly olive harvest hard to forget.

A vintage unprecedented, totally abnormal for climate trend and difficult to manage in the olive groves and then to interpret in the olive mill.

However, it is precisely such difficult vintages that can develop ideas and new forces, and il Magnifico has the object just going to search them anywhere in the world they may be.

The non-profit association “il Magnifico Award” – which devotes its efforts to the memory of friends Marco Mugelli and Massimo Pasquini – index its annual recognition.

Deeply convinced that in the difficult years we can generate lasting changes and emerging talents capable of developing new projects,  il Magnifico association decided to reward those who applies despite everything and despite all.

So this year, ” il Magnifico “, the best oil ever, will be tried by our panel within the global oil production, that of the whole world, without barriers or prejudices.

No categories and no exclusion. A single criterion: that of excellence, from wherever it may come.

The receipt of the samples will end on 20 April, and already May 18 will be announced the names of the finalists, silver medals and bronze ones. Producers will be able to organize themselves in time to come and pick up the certificates at the awards ceremony on 28 May, during which will be declared il Magnifico 2015.

The effort of the association, created to continue the ongoing research that Marco and Massimo led all his life, finally materialize this year sees the initial project, which was precisely to identify excellence in Italy and around the world by helping them emerge and simultaneously to spread true information to help consumers in the growth of consumer awareness. Ambitious goal, but il Magnifico is an independent award, and as such capable – with the help of expert panel and mature – to identify the best products in the world in total transparency and impartiality.

The action of the prize is mainly addressed to companies that can capitalize on the prize obtained, for this we have introduced a grant of access of € 100.00 for the first sample, which we urge you to make a careful selection, so that the sample the game of at least 1000 liters, can represent your work and the best quality you produce. This year we have for the first time granted a second sample (with additional € 50.00) in order to allow you to express yourself to the best of your ability.

Thank you if you want to give us confidence.

Best regards

Matia Barciulli

Association President  il Magnifico award



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